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Sama Al-Basra Al-Fayhaa (SBF) Company is a very well-known Iraqi business and engineering company located in Basra city. We have been in business a long time especially with foreign companies since the 2007s, in view of leadership excellence, design precision, quality products, and our commitment to higher implementation of projects under all circumstances and in accordance with schedules prepared by the technical staff members. Our company is specialized in general contracting, information technology, communications, trading, transportation, purchasing and supplying, engineering and oil services. We operate, at this point, in Iraq; however, a possible expansion will take place in the near future in other countries in the region or elsewhere in the globe. SBF is a national full service, engineering, design-build and construction specialized company that delivers clients the highest quality solutions on time, on budget and above and beyond expectations. we partner with our clients, consultants, suppliers, subcontractors and communities to deliver solutions of the highest standards. SBF has dramatically set new standards for design, quality and craftsmanship, efficient project management, cost containment and worker safety. We have a written quality policy and we’ve integrated the building process from head to tail and adopted new technologies that bring state of the art design build opportunities to clients and the communities they serve.

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